How can I recreate a 1960s “Mid-Century Modern” Beach House?

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Mid-Century Modern Beach House

My Perfect 1960s Mid Century Modern Beach House Tips


Blurring the line between the “outside” and the “inside” has always been a characteristic of Mid Century Modern Design.  (See ORGANIC ARCHITECTURE  by Frank Lloyd Wright)

One of my favorite places to reference (for MCM Beach House) were the events taking place in Palm Springs during the early 60’s.

The desert environment (and the beach) is the perfect setting to have those natural organic elements sweeping thru an “open plan” home.  So, the layout and décor are similar in the Beach House I would create. You may see it totally different.

Try something with a butterfly roof, those are very kicky!

Here are some books that should get you on the right track for being Joe Cool at the beach:  Mid -Century Beach House Ideas

I would bring in (or build around) heavy driftwood,  shells and rocks from your beach environment. You may want to incorporate some sand in your design.

If you take a hint from the masters (like above link to Frank Lloyd Wright (or) some of the exceptional books we referred) open that house up and bring nature in.

You’ll end up with a most unique and creative beach pad your neighbors will envy.   Below are some picks… colors, furniture, books & décor I would consider for my 1960’s beach house.


NOTE:  In the 1950’s & 60’s America had an obsession with everything Polynesian. Read:  Rise & Fall Of The Tiki Bar 

As an homage to this quirky island fever, we have some Tiki Offerings here:  TIKI BAR STUFF  .

However you decide to create your Mid Century Beach House, Tiki motif was very popular and may suit your taste just fine.  Don’t forget about The South Pacific as inspiration.


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