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Consulting on Interior | Exterior | Graphic | Colors | Art | Design  is really at the heart of my experience as an artist and designer.  My education as a commercial artist (Degree Advertising Design – Central Piedmont Community College) and Degree in Web Design from Emory University here in  Atlanta have taught me a great deal about color, art and design. Both rigorous programs with superior educators my pleasure to have been thru it.

My experience in selling and consulting clients since 2014 on modern-contemporary furniture and décor styles has been a joy and wonderful extension of my training.  Not to mention the research & development of artists, designers, style origins and design history I’ve written about (extensively) in articles and posts.

The way color(s), forms and textiles work or flow together are important to make a room shine and stand out. These are the skills and challenges of an artist that require that “special eye”.  Creativity is our job and Mid Mod Scout specializes in modernist styles.  My belief is,  picking a heartfelt niche you love provides immense focus for winning results.

Our concern is, not only to help you create a beautiful room or home of your dreams, but have a comfortable place to relax and entertain.   Styles we service:  Mid Century Modern – Industrial – Contemporary – Mission

Here’s why we are different and  how we deliver services:

We ask questions

  • What’s most important elements for your perfect room or setting?
  • Thought about a color scheme?
  • What style works best with architecture of home?   ex. Loft with exposed natural elements (wood beams, pipes, wood, cement) might be a great choice for an Industrial home design
  • Who was the builder on your home?  What style or architecture type of home does he build?
  • Already have mid-century antiques? Maybe do an MCM redo (or) blur the lines with a modern contemporary like styles.


Provide expert opinions

  • With classes steeped in color & design, I am a great sounding board and partner to  help with home decor and furnishings. Not to mention textiles and accessories which many times make a room POP!
  • Do you know the difference between modern & postmodern?  How about Deco style, does it go with Mid Century Modern? Why would a Danish sofa be the best choice for my living room?


Work hard

  • I have been a successful webpreneur, creator of e-commerce sites, commercial artist, graphic artist and curator of “modern” & contemporary modernist furnishings and decor (new and old) for 20 years.
  • “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life” – Charles Eames (designer 1950s)
  • Art and design is a fun job just by nature.  It is also hard work when done professionally. The devil is in the details and that’s where we thrive.   We ARE easy and friendly to work with , but not afraid of a little hard work.


Are accessible

  • When a project is going on we are accessible 24/7 for you.
  • Email is the preferred communication at MID MOD SCOUT you may message us as well.
  • Phone 404-291-5242 is answered regular business hours 9-5    M-F    However messages will be sent to email which is usually checked hourly during the week. so, yes we are very accessible.


Build creative solutions

  • Through academic credentials and many, many years of experience , we craft solutions to meet your unique needs.
  • Communication is key for creative solutions.  So many decisions being made – you must have a steel cable line of


Absolute delivery on what was promised

  • We are not happy until you are happy.  Quality over quantity is always king. When someone has an OMG! moment , that is gratifying to me.
  • We make every effort to give you full support of our experience and knowledge. There are many decisions (and micro decisions) to be made thru out any remodeling process. We’re there with you 24/7 all the way staying focused on time / budget / and delivery.


Develop relationships

A remodel or design project can be very stressful at times. Starting off with great communication in a professional and friendly manner makes all the difference in the world. You will find, working with us is a pleasurable experience and one that you may recommend to your family, friends and co-workers.


Act with your clients’ best interest in mind

You know the old adage: “Everytime you ASSUME…it makes an ass out of you and me”  its true. We’ll give you our best advice and experience on every step of the way in your unique project.  You can refuse it or ask for alternative solutions. In all my business ventures over the years,  I’ve come to the conclusion “The customer is always right”.   Your comfort and enjoyment of waking up to your dream styled room or home is paramount.

Solve problems

  • Getting to the root of goals and changes to your home & decor is challenging.  It’s a new environment we are creating for you and we strive to make it fit your personality and comfortable to live in. Developing solutions (together) to fit your unique needs is our credo.
  • Introduce customers to fresh ideas, helping them find a better path

Above is the protocol and approach used for every project we accept. Bottom line is helping YOU find solutions with our added value.

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