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Mid Century Modern is enjoying a resurgence in popularity.  It’s character of sleek clean lines, non-ornamental basic shapes and no clutter are hallmarks of classic modern design.  

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Did you know that Mid Century Modern is inherent of several wide sweeping design movements that lasted over six decades!

Today you can see it in popular Mid-Century HomeMission Style,  Contemporary Modern and Industrial interior design styles.

Once thought to be an American decorating boon, mid-century modernism was a worldwide movement influencing art, architecture, music, literature & philosophy.  (see FAQS ) for more history and info

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What is Mid Century Modern?

Interior design styles that stand the test of time


“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others”Jonathon Swift.  In the middle 20th Century (generally between 1933 to 1965) vision becomes incredibly visible in “The Age of Affluence”Modernist ideals paired with a newly industrialized world will invoke reformers to create a better place as we had never known before. During World War II,  America saved billions and was producing half of the world’s goods.  A consumer society was imminent and the design movement referred to as Mid Century Modern was born.

Mid Mod Architecture - A Mid Century Modern Atomic Ranch- Courtesy of Ethan - Homes & Plans of the 40s, 50s, 60s

Low-Slung Roof captures 1950’s Retro Dazzle

Professionals creating works for the public (designers, planners, engineers & architects) were driven to meet society’s need for renewal during the post-war era. “Make it all New!”  Designers will turn America on its head by what they conceived as a prosperous new “world of the future”.

Unlimited design freedom, unbridled color palettes, geometric angles, biomorphic shapes, space-aged design (including cars, fashion, and homes) were the order (or disorder) of the day.  Boundless creativity was encouraged thru advertising, design, art, and architecture.  No one expected that such an unbelievably modern styled world would emerge and become part of our everyday life.

That was in the 20th Century. But what about today in the 21st Century?  Mid-Century Modern design has stood the test of time.  Museum curators & auctioneers state that it’s classic clean lines and unmatched style cannot be bettered.

This could explain a current revival in modernist furniture & home decor.  Even today, contemporary styles borrow from master designers of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.  It is absolutely possible to have this wonderful home-style now with mid-century modern furniture reproductions, replicas of museum pieces,  original antiques and Mid Century Modern real estate still available today.

We’ll cover credible sources to purchase mid-century creations, include articles on mid-mod furniture, product reviews, MCM current events, design & designers history and other informative news for your pleasure.

The best for the most for the least.

RAY and CHARLES EAMES – designers & architects

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Why Mid-Century
Modern Is Cool


“Make It All New” was the battle cry of culture and society at the turn of the 20th Century.  The dated “Age Of Enlightenment” ideology was rejected and clearly did not represent today’s reality, nor the newly industrialized world.  Modernism was born!

History shows us that COOL things started to evolve in this period of American Modernism.  Jazz Music, Visual Arts, Feminism, Fashion, Modernist literature, photography, painting, and American Icons.

The timeless look and style of a Mid Century Modern House most certainly reflect this break from the old traditional world of ideas. Influenced by industrial design, Bauhaus and Scandinavian Modern design, there are common threads and elements that define this movement:

• Well Designed & Simple Lines

• Form follows Function

• Biomorphic shapes

• Geometric patterns, atomic starbursts

• Melding manmade, natural materials & new technology

• Aesthetic contrasts and emphasis on texture

• Affordability to the masses

The result was a futuristic, COOL and an unimaginably modern looking world that reflected these new ideals and changing times.  This led to a massive manufacturing boon in the 1950s.  Leaving behind unmatchable designs in architecture, furniture, textiles, home décor, and even household products still available today!


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