Buying a mid century modern lamp?

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Buying Mid Century Modern lamps - Shown is my vintage red tulip fiberglass shade lamp.

Where can I get a mid century modern lamp?


 How much do you want to spend on a mid century modern lamp? Hate to answer a question with a question, but TODAY there are many choices.  So, I will separate this out into three simple price categories:


Newly manufactured mid century modern lamps moderately priced.   These repop’s are not authentic yet most are highly detailed quality products.

Some current MFR’s use their own blueprints and make original lamp designs with a mid century look & feel.  Look for customer satisfaction and reviews.

Click images below for some of the best retro lamps we offer.  You will have fun scanning thru these, even if it isn’t quite your style.

3 Tier Fiberglass Desk Lamp
Assorted Color Cone Floor Lamp
3 Tier Fiberglass Floor Lamp
Red Fiberglass Satellite Desk Lamp
Brass Reading Lamp
Space Age Fiberglass - Ceramic - Metal Desk Lamp
3 Tier Blue and White Fiberglass Desk Lamp
Industrial Style Floor Lamp
Contemporary Modern Home Decor Lighting
3 Tier Tan Fiberglass Floor lamp with Brown Lace


Authentic lamps usually produced by original MFR. (ex. Herman Miller, Knoll Furniture, etc.) or authorized MFR’s by designers (Vitra Design Museum / George Nelson Re-editions  ) .

Rule of thumb, pricing is usually much higher than repo’s.  But, there is a margin to pick up real bargains or products on sale.  Places to go for LAMPS:  Herman Miller – Hive – Vitra Design Museum


If money is no object and you want original mid century modern lamps, they are a available.  Immediately you’ll find that objects you’re viewing are possible museum worthy pieces.   However, due to auction houses and online bidding – it’s not impossible to capture those rare and unique mid century lamps you desire.  Places to go for LAMPS :   1stdibsChairishFurnish Me Vintage.


I do believe I have an addiction to mid-century lamps!  The imagery and designs are futuristic and just undeniable to me.

Architects merged their talents, during this period, to produce much of the space-aged furniture, lamps and clocks you see.

Influence could be due to architectures transformation to modernism from old traditional styles in this era.








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