Where can I get quality mid-century replica furniture?

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mid century replica furniture

Where can I get quality mid-century replica furniture?

OK. Replica means an exact copy of the original.  So, you are wanting a copy of furniture that was manufactured in the 1950s.  Is that even possible? 

Well, the answer is yes.   Check out “Timeline On The Return Of Mid Century Modern”

Due to the interest and demand for mid century modern, original manufactures were convinced now was the time to release new productions of their classic mid-century designs. It is a fascinating story.

George Nelson -Multicolored Sunburst ClockHerman Miller and Knoll Furniture were probably at the forefront of this design revival. 

In fact some furniture (like Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman) have been in continuous production since 1956 by Herman Miller. (see image in previous section)

“Replicas” can be quite expensive. Reproductions/ repros /repops are not.  Example: The Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman replica goes for $4,500.00 straight from Herman Miller.  You can get a repop (from several manufactures) under $1,000.00.

Another example might be George Nelson ball and star clocks (see above). 

“Nelson Multicolor Sunburst” authentic version goes for $460.00 – Reproduction version at Amazon for $100.00 +. 

Quite a difference. 

You can have great mid-century style and still stay in your budget. Best advice on repos, search reviews and check quality of product.

There are usually many choices available. Check out our recommendations.

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