What’s the difference between contemporary and mid century modern furniture styles?

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Contemporary  vs  Mid Century Modern

Modern Contemporary design integrates easily with other styles.  Said to be  more minimalist than MCM with even less hardware, no legs storage cabinets,  less accent colors, hard sharper lines and less reliant on a “nature / organic” look.  Leaning more toward the colder “industrial” side of mid-century style.

Depending on the pieces, MCM can be a domineering force in your interior design and home décor.  With its love of shapes and patterns, pops of color – bringing the outdoors to  indoors natural flow, certain choices may be hard to blend with modern contemporary.  However, the minimalist look of flat clean lines and edges are still common denominators of both “modern design” as well as Mid-Century Modern design  Wise choices will make integration of the two blend well.


Mid Mod  (or) Contemporary ?





In this contemporary living space (could be a loft apartment or  condo in a mixed use condo neighborhood) but, check out the George Nelson Clock on the wall.

My eye goes a little bit toward the industrial side of modernism here.  Yours may differ.

My point is showing an example of an original George Nelson Turbine clock (designed in 1957) laying well with these modern contemporary quarters. Both old and new décor work very well together.George Nelson - Turbine Clock







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