What are the Mid-Century Colors?

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What color of paint goes with dark brown mid-century bedroom set?

Looking for a retro alternative to your interior design?  Modernist color schemes seem to be more earth tones which will adapt to many different styles.

The color swatches above are from an actual Mid Century Modern Bedroom Design.

Show a Color Scheme:  Go to this  COLOR WHEEL and add one of these color numbers into the color picker.

Then choose a harmony and you’ll magically see many color combinations  that compliment your wall color or OTHER walls, furniture, accessories and home decor.

4a8fae  –  ad8ea1 –  87ceca –  7fa9c2 – 98a685 – d9cdbf  –79b7c4 – f28e50 – 97a9bd

Or, choose your own colors.

Have fun!


UPDATE:  Just found some great stuff over at Sherwin Williams.  Their ColorSnap Tools will virtually paint your walls in a room with available Sherwin colors.


You can actually upload your own room pictures in the “Visualizer” and add paint colors! Amazing!  Eliminates the guessing or trial and error out testing paint against your mid century décor.

Many fun ColorSnap Tools here:  Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap Tools

They also add some tips for th “Mad Man” TV Show look, here:  Sherwin-Williams Painting Tips for the “Mad Man” Look

These Sherwin Willams tools are very thorough!   You can even digitally paint walls and see how colors might look in your actual home.

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