Is Mid Century Danish style furniture uncomfortable?

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Is it true that mid-century Danish style sofa beds/couches are very uncomfortable to sit and sleep on?


Actually, if you are buying original vintage Danish style sofa beds & couches, yes, you may find them to be a bit uncomfortable, depending on how much its being used.

Generally most have large cushions.  But remember, this is an antique. Bedding had not evolved to a great comfort level due to technology or materials available of the day.  I would say…same goes for couches.

If your looking for comfort you have a couple choices here.  First (depending on the value of the piece and/or changing the integrity of the elements is doable) you could modify and upgrade it. Unless, this is an investment which if altered could decrease its value.

Number #2 is to buy re-issue mid-century pieces which are newly made to spec from original  manufactures.  Also there are incredible new manufactures complimenting the Mid Century Style to a fault.

As if they were taking mid-century design blueprints and adding more comfort that consumers want. Combining the old with the new. Joybird is a good example.

Joybird Furniture
Quality Furniture manufactured today is inspired by Mid Century Modern Designs

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