How to buy a mid-century modern coffee table

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I am looking to buy a mid-century modern coffee table… Where can I get one?


There are 3 tiers and budgets in shopping for a mid-century dining room table.

  1. Buy a replica or repop (reproduction) from an online shop
  2. Hunt for original pieces at antique fairs , garage or estate sales, flea markets, etc. 
  3. Buy original collectors pieces in A+ shape from a quality dealer. 

I’ve listed these options from lowest to highest cost. Replicas and reproductions come in a variety of costs (depending on the manufacturer) but are often very affordable plus being new and made to spec. 

If you choose to hunt for deals you may need to refurbish the table (or have someone do it). 

Most expensive  will be (of course) original furniture in pristine shape from the middle of the 20th Century. This is because they are considered antiques and are used as museum pieces sometimes.







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