Mid Century Modern Living Room Ideas – Tropical Home Office Décor

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Mid Century Modern Living Room, your home office and outdoor patio ideas are great places to utilize a Polynesian style.

We’ve gotten quite a lot of attention with our last blog on Exotica Music & Tiki Home Décor.  So, this time we’ll give you  some more background and some great places to start creating a new atmosphere.

Tropical America

In the 1950’s Americans became infatuated with tropical paradise of the South Pacific islands and Hawaii in particular.

Most citizens never wanted for much during this era. But, the culture was so conservative, mundane & competitive, it was sometimes called “The Rat Race”


Our Mid Century Modern Living Room Ideas

People wanted to escape their drab existence.  So, instead of travel we brought the islands home. Exterior and interior decoration created a Polynesian ambience.

Mid Century America arranged outdoor patio ideas which included Hawaiian Luau parties.  This started, kind of a “tiki” craze.

Exoctica Mood Music and Tropical Home Décor make for a very calming and relaxing atmosphere.  Create new original ideas for your Mid Century Modern Living Room or home office décor.  It could enable a more productive environment, especially on a rainy day!

Click images below for some of the best Island products we offer.  You will have fun scanning thru these, even if it isn’t your style.


Mid Century Modern Living Room - Tiki décor - starburst wall Sconce

tropical home office - Maui Arc Lamp

Polynesian outdoor patio ideas - Palm Ceiling Fan

Tiki - home office décor- Bamboo Lantern Pendant Lamp

Mid Century Modern Living Room - Tiki décor - Tiki bar 2 Plug Outlet Cover

Polynesian outdoor patio ideas - Umbra Coiled Stool

Tiki - home office décor - Deco 79 Wall Clocks

Mid Century Modern Living Room - Tiki décor - Rattan Table Lamp

Polynesian outdoor patio ideas - Tropical Thatch Umbrella Cover

tropical home office - Royal Palm 52″ Ceiling Fan

Tiki - home office décor - Tiki Mugs Cocktail Set of 6

Mid Century Modern Living Room - Tiki décor - Bamboo Lantern Pendant Lamp, Retro Japanese Style


Polynesian outdoor patio ideas - Tiki Bar Shower Curtain

Tiki - home office décor - Tiki Bar Highballs, Set of 4


Please feel free to explore new ways to experience the South Pacific atmosphere.

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