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Hawaii Becomes Our 50th State

On August 21, 1959 Hawaii is granted Statehood and becomes our 50th State. It being the only state totally made up of islands, Americans were eager to learn more about its Polynesian and tropical heritage.  Tiki culture’s distinctive lifestyle catered to the escapist longing for journey to tropical regions of the South Pacific.  The appeal was accelerated by people who had visited such areas and Hollywood hype of exoctic islands, forbidden love, danger and intrigue.   ...explore Tiki style!

Enter Exotica Mood Music

With the advent of Hi-Fi stereo systems, recordings such as Exotica Mood music excelled at showing off your new equipment.  It was the perfect Bachelor Pad Paradise date music.  Exotica could turn “erotica” quickly after a few Martini’s and the fetching, dreamy sounds of the tropics from your new Hi-Fi.   (Or at least that’s what the Ad-Men would have you believe.)

Among devotees of exotica music and tiki subculture, vibraphonist Gene Rains is one of the Big Three of the “exotica” genre.  Martin Denny and Arthur Lyman were the other leaders. (Though Les Baxter had some first rate releases of exotica, it no longer become his “thing”, so he isn’t generally taken into consideration within the same league as the Big Three).   Read more below…

These Titles Available

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Don Tiki - The Forbidden Sounds

Jungle Jet Set


Les Baxter 8 Classic Albums

Quiet Village - Martin Denny

Luau Tiki

Don Tiki - Adulterated

Far Away Lands - Gene Rains

Contrasts In Hi-Fi

The Best Of Exotica

Tiki Pop

Technicolor Paradise

The Sound Of Tiki

Skinny Dip - Don Tiki

The Big Three

Baxter, Denny and Lymon all had later success in the 90’s when their entire album catalogs came out on CD.  However, Gene Rains has remained an enigma and true Exotica cult icon.

We know little about him, except that popular Hawaiian crooner Alfred Apaka found Gene Rains and recruited the vibraphonist and his organization to play at the Hawaiian Village Hotel in Waikiki.

In the 60’s he will record 3 albums for Decca records. One of which is “Far Away Lands” which is NOW finally available   Above 2nd Row #4

Quiet Village by Martin Denny plus many other records in this table above are considered prime examples of this seemingly odd lost genre of music. Which makes it fresh & fun to rediscover.

So, put on that Hawaiian shirt, grab a tall cool Mai Tai and transport yourself into the relaxing world of Exotica Mood Music, you wont regret it!


Exotica & Tiki Art Posters

        Tropical Décor - Islands Serenity


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We absolutely support TIKI on this. They got a bum rap because a group picked up their products for a racist rally. Fred Perry polo shirts experienced a similar problem


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