What is meant by ‘Mid-century Modern’ in decorating?

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What is meant by ‘Mid-century Modern’ in decorating?


Mid Century Modern (MCM) is a descriptor of just a section of the much larger movement, American Modernism.

However MCM style and sensibility will affect architecture, textiles, furniture, art and home décor. MCM decorating may consist of:

Geometric Shapes (Circles, rectangles, squares, triangles, etc.– they have a clear edge, and are often symmetrical) or

Organic Shapes (Organic shapes have a natural look and flowing curving appearance. They are typically irregular and asymmetrical)  or Abstract Shapes.  

Pops of citrus or bright colors offset organic and wood tones brought into a Mid Century Décor.  Starburst clocks and Space Age lamps occur in an MCM decorating plan.

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