We need mid-century modern decorating tips?

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We just moved into a lovely mid-century modern house and need help with decorating tips


I would break it down into these categories:

  • Tip#1 – Color Schemes – Mid Mod Colors – bright hues including pops of red, olive, orange, aqua and rust.  Earth tones of brown, tan and pale pink are also popular (see walls colors advice above)

Here is a wonderful article to get those creative juices flowing:  The Best Color Palettes for Your Mid-Century Modern Home   check out the categories  “Contemporary Hues” – “Citrus Tones” – “Neutral with Pops” – “Multicolored” – “Black White Natural” very nice spring board to get things started.

  • Tip#2 – Biomorphic Shaped Decor (taken from organic shapes found in nature like plants and curvy lines such as in human anatomy.) wall art, furniture, sculpture, etc.  BLOOMING SUNFLOWER LAMP
  • Tip#3 – Modernist or Contemporary approach – get into that mindset and you will find matching old (mid century modern antiques) with contemporary styles of today can be easily done.
  • Tip#4 – Living Room – try adding different “heights” of furniture to keep a room from appearing static. Try high Arc lamps overhanging  low slung couches, chairs and coffee table to open up the room.
  • Tip#5  Accessorizing – pops of citrus color (as in pillows) in the living room and bringing nature inside the home (such as plants and rocks) was an organic characteristic of MCM concepts.
  • Tip#6 – Know Your Home – Have respect for the architectural period of the dwelling which you reside.  Knowing what period your home (or neighborhood) was built helps you respect the building and decorate it authentically.
  • Tip#8 – Furniture – Mid century designs will always carry clean horizontal lines, un-ornate simple forms, forms that follow function, minimalist organic effect. A timeless look.  Note: Eames Chairs, George Nelson Clocks, Phillip Lloyd Powell triangular coffee tables.

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