Why Industrial Apartments Are a Wise Sustainable Choice

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In my opinion, it’s a wise and very popular choice. The style of Industrial apartments bring old-world appeal and incorporate the sleekness of modern design.  Some of the old and some of the new.

Using neutral color palettes, open room layout designs, mixing wood and metal, and use of old factory accessories is a great start for building this style .

It is a general misconception, that industrial style decor is restricted to urban lofts or smaller-city dwellings.  Actually, with a little creativity, you could disperse industrial design thru your interior and rooms of a larger home. Bring a little of this aesthetic into your country home for more open, uncluttered and modern feel.

This Industrial look is contemporary, yet may have an old factory vibe. More ideas and materials on your shopping list may include: Hard wood floors or concrete, metal elements accessories and furniture, salvaged or vintage pieces, antiques, etc..  Leave raw elements like exposed pipes, brick walls, large windows bare with no ornamentation. Your industrial style apartment should have a colder and utilitarian appearance, which is the look you’re going for.


Creating Industrial Apartments

Industrial Style Apartment - Industrial Floor LampUrban architecture with a warehouse “feel”usually is a great start to build this type of interior design.  Exposed bricks, wide open spaces & windows , hard wood or concrete floors and uncovered pipes only enhance industrial style.

An unfinished appearance is desired.  Aged concrete or brick walls, ceiling beams, pipes and wires should purposely be left uncovered.

When painting is needed,  simple colors of grey, rustic and neutral shades are suggested to give it a clean impression. 

Let your furnishings like, INDUSTRIAL FLOOR LAMPS, be the star of the room and the paint colors will be a nice complimentary background.  That is to say, textures & raw materials in architecture should be dominant over wall color for the industrial style apartment.


Wood – Metal – Accessories

Industrial design style screams for bold (sometimes large) prominent objects. They may need some open space to stand out. Open space is a very important factor in this style. The space you use and the space you don’t use is critical and could cause overcrowding in your room, if not careful.

Mixing wood and metal pieces throughout your place, will enhance this design plan quickly. Weathered wood / timber pieces and brush finished metal or chrome could be smart choices. Finish off with Edison Bulb Lamps and your starting to have a pretty good layout at hand.



Industrial décor, furnishings and style are unique.  Many elements have burnished, darker characteristics (as opposed to) the color pop of Mid Century Modern.  Peeling off paint, exposed brick and concrete block give a vintage & rustic look.

There are many reasons that industrial style is sustainable.  Above all, it’s a classic interior design  bringinging  some of the old and some of the new.  That gives you an immediate head start on this wonderful modern and versatile design style.


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