How To Create a Work Space at Home in 8 Steps

Imagining how to create a work space at home can be a daunting yet fun experience.  Efficiency thrives in conditions where creative ideas blossom, interruptions are limited, and a healthy environment is welcome. Numerous cutting edge offices were designed for worker productivity, yet an at home work space doesn’t have that luxury.

Fortunately, those of us who telecommute can gain so much from the progressive plans of green, coordinated, and inventive workspaces.

Regardless of whether you’re going into business, you telecommute all day, or you infrequently work from your home office, you can profit by optimizing your workspace for genuine efficiency utilizing these tips.


Design A Workspace At Home

1. Make it Your Own Style

What tickles your fancy? Surround your environment with decor and personal items that make you feel good. Individual touches and keepsakes make you feel comfortable and increase productivity.


2. Better To Organize the Space You Have

Change the spatial arrangement of your workspace to increase the flow in areas you move about. It creates positive energy, like in Feng Shui. Install floating shelves in order to remove equipment and papers from your desk.

If you make piles on your desk, get baskets to hold & organize loose papers pencils & papers.


3. Green Could be an Essential Color for your Home Office

I’m learning TODAY that the color green stimulates some fascinating things within us!  It could boost your creativity, create a feeling of calmness in a work space at home, and increase productivity. Green is powerful!

Not wild about green paint on your office walls? you can still reap the benefits by having more green in your home office like maybe an accent wall, plants, or home decor.


4. Make Sure You Have a Balance Of Natural vs Proper Lighting

Eye strain and headaches can deter (and for some debilitate) you from reaching your daily work goals.

Use a desk lamp for immediate tasks and position the computer monitor so it will not cause glare from sunshine or regular room lighting. To avert possible fatigue and drowsiness, choose wisely for your office lighting.


5. Thought of using a Standing Desk?

This is not just a new trend. Using a standing desk can actually increase your productivity and be healthier for you.

The most common of these come with an assisted pump-action to rise and lower the standing desk. You can achieve the perfect height so you and switch between standing and sitting during your workday.

If you have cardiovascular or obesity issues it is absolutely better for your health and productivity to stand while working at least part of the day.


6. Did “Form vs Function” ever cross your mind?

This is a very old phrase used in design and architecture starting in the early 20th Century.  When putting a home office together don’t get caught up with decorating over what your workflow and basic needs are.

As we mentioned, you want your workspace to be warm with keepsakes, color, and decor that inspire your creativity.  But, the functionality and tools that you need quick access to can’t be overlooked. Inspiring pieces that are also functional is the best.


7. Treat Yourself To a Great Office Chair

Modern office chairs can range in price from $100 to $2,000.  This will take some research but don’t cheap out on getting yourself a decent, ergonomic, lumbar,  quality machined chair.  They come in many colors, styles, and fabric or leather coverings.

TIP: I would stay away from faux leather chairs. Many times you’ll see claims they will last for years under all types of conditions. My experience is, they do not.

Seek high customer reviews and possibly brands you’re familiar with within your search.  After all, you’ll be spending 8 hrs a day in these seats, so make it comfortable!  You get what you pay for in this instance.


8.  Room With A View

Give your mind and eyes a break, by positioning your computer and desk toward a window. The windows natural light is much more interesting than looking at a blank wall. That would be ideal. But, if you’re stuck with windowless at home work space;  move everything facing an open door and hang some soothing pictures you like.

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