Where can I get mid century modern chairs?

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buy mid century modern chairs

“Where can I buy mid century modern chairs?”

How much do you want to spend on a mid century chair? Hate to answer a question with a question, but TODAY there are many choices.  So, I will separate this out into three simple price categories:


Newly manufactured mid-century modern chairs moderately priced.   These repop’s are not authentic yet most are highly detailed quality products.

Some current MFR’s use their own blueprints and make original chair designs with a mid century look & feel.  Look for customer satisfaction and reviews.  Places to go for CHAIRS: KardielModern In Design – Amazon


Authentic chairs usually produced by original MFR. (ex. Herman Miller, Knoll Furniture, etc.) or authorized MFR’s by designers (Vitra Design Museum / George Nelson Re-editions  ).

Rule of thumb, pricing is usually much higher than repo’s.  But, there is a margin to pick up real bargains or products on sale.  Places to go for CHAIRS:  Herman Miller – HiveFrance & Sons


If money is no object and you want original mid century modern chairs, they are a available.  Immediately you’ll find that objects you’re viewing are possible museum worthy pieces.

However, due to auction houses and online bidding – its not impossible to capture those rare and unique mid century chairs you desire.  Places to go for CHAIRS :   1stdibs – Archive 20th Century – ChairishFurnish Me Vintage.

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