Turquoise is Timeless – A Mid Modern Classic Color

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“Both a modern & ancient color classic?”

No color palette from the Mid Century Modern era would be complete without some shade of Turquoise.

Often confused with it’s bluer brothers aqua and teal, turquoise reflects light in a strong green over blue shade that a has a bit of fun and levity about it.

Even in ancient times turquoise (both the color and the gemstone) was considered to be a sign of sophistication, inner calm, wholeness, joy and good luck.


A Mixteca-style shield decorated with turquoise. Credit: Frances F. Berdan

This cool pastel works well with both muted neutrals and darker colors.

Because of this, the surprisingly easy pairing of the color turquoise with light and dark woods as well as bright steel, it became a classic in many MCM kitchen designs.

While the retro look may be in for clothing and furniture, most people are reluctant to go whole-hog in using turquoise as a background color.


turquoise a mid century modern color
Photo Modified: flickr/ Ethan / CC by 2.0

However, here at Mid Mod Scout, we have pulled together some delightfully “turquoise-y” kitchen tools and small appliances that will add A wonderful pop of color to almost any retro-style kitchen.


Smeg 2-Slice Toaster-Pastel Green

3dRose cst_77493_3 Wood Grain Tropical Tiki

And our absolute fav! – “OH CABANA BOY!”


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