Top 20 Best Sellers 2019


What are the coolest trends and best sellers in contemporary and mid-century modern design?  Compiled here are  20 of the most highly rated and purchased items for you.  This is based on customer satisfaction, best value and quality for items sold in 2018 – 2019.

You have landed here because your sense of style and maybe a flair for the cutting edge. Items on this page were chosen for modern aesthetic, popularity, and high reviews from consumers.

These best sellers have a wide price range and include everything from small appliances to contemporary furniture.  They are in no particular order,  however they all come from different categories on this website. Under each image click product title to get more item details + photos  (OR)  you can click BUY PRODUCT  box to checkout,  plus see extended customer reviews + ratings.

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Telechron Classic Wooden Sunburst Clock, Multi
Telechron Classic Wooden Sunburst Clock, Multi

George Nelson’s clock designs include the spirit of the 1950’s with their whimsical forms and use of fabrics. Made with and the usage of the similar fabrics and workmanship that was once used back in 1950’s, uses 1 AA battery. … Continued

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