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Uber Bar Tools – Boston Bar Roll Deluxe: Designed for the Professional Bar Tender, the Boston Bar Roll Deluxe comes with two jiggers for US and Metric measuring + Endoblade and Procrush. It was created to hold the most essential Uber bar tools to assist preparing fantastic cocktails anywhere at any time. Within the Boston Bar Roll Deluxe there are 16 of the most essential bar tools to enable you to cut, squeeze, muddle, shake, strain and stir your way through to well executed cocktails. Inside the heavy-duty fully portable rolled carry case, complete with shoulder strap are: 2 by Proflow speed pourers which come with a two-year warranty . 1 by StrainRay stainless strainer . 1 US (ounces) Projig jigger & 1 Metric Projig Jigger – which has four different volume measurement compartments for high accuracy . 1 by durable and hardwearing stainless steel knife, super sharp and designed to be light and ergonomic to use . 1 by Boston Tin and Glass . 1 by Prostirrer made of stainless steel . 1 by Procrush muddler. 1 by the C-press citrus squeezer mad of sturdy, polished aluminum . 1 by Juliep stainless steel strainer with its trilobal shaped head . 1 by Double Strainer . 1 by Tweezers – 12-inch . 1 Endoblade. 1 La Stupenda – waiters friend . 1 Lemon Zester / Channel Knife . 1 Peeler. Who we are: Uber by definition is defined as outstanding or supreme, extraordinarily good – the best of the best. Uber Bar Tools epitomizes this definition. With an internal design team and a philosophy of innovation and improvement, Uber Bar Tools elevates bar tools into the new millennium and beyond by designing and manufacturing functional, aesthetically pleasing tools which provide accurate and desirable pieces which are an asset to any bar. A purchase of an Uber Bar Tool is an investment n quality and therefore, peace of mind.


  • Perfect for Bartending, Cocktail making and for Professional Bartenders Set. A must have for every Mixologist’s kit
  • Professional Bartenders 17 piece Kit
  • Create Professional Cocktails
  • Waterproof PVC carry case with Shoulder Strap
  • Sturdy hardwearing case designed to protect your tools and yet remain light weight for easy transportation