TORCHSTAR 4 Pack 4 Channel DMX512 Decoder for


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Easy to Operate
This lightweight product has a display screen and 3 buttons that are easy to operate,
even for a child. The decoder has an inherent capacity to counteracts interference from
the lights that are connected to it. This product complies with the universal
DMX512/1990 standard, making it suitable to control all 12-24V LED lights for any large
lighting need like stages, theaters, cinemas, and yards.


Long Lasting Quality
This decoder is protected from over-heating and has a prolonged operating lifespan
thanks to its rugged iron casting that ensures long-lasting performance even in harsh

Multifunctional Design
You can not only use this product individually as a controller but also as a synchronous
controller to control your LED lights. With more than 100,000 lighting modes and full
dimming range function are available for use when connecting the decoder to a lighting

This product comes with a 2-year warranty for your rights and benefits as a customer,
satisfaction guaranteed.

Our mission
In TORCHSTAR, our goal is to provide quality energy-saving lighting products for our
customers with affordable price. With the expertise in the LED technology, our product
not only superior in performance but also make your lighting experience more
enjoyable and comfortable anytime, anywhere.

Working temperature: -20-60 ℃
Supply voltage: DC12-24V
Output: 4 channels
External dimension: L6.97×W1.66×H1.30inch
Static power consumption: <1W
Output current: Each channel 4A
DMX512 standard: DMX512/1990


  • 4 Multifunctional Channels: This decoder is flexible in its use, making it available for most applications like RGB, RGBW, and CCT. With 4A of constant current on each channel, this product is fit for 12-24V LED lights
  • DMX Console Connection: You can connect multiple devices to this DMX console to achieve an overall lighting control and the high anti-interference capacity prevents your devices from interfering with each other, eliminating the hassle of individual remote controllers
  • Smooth Dimming Performance: The constant current and stable lighting effect lets you adjust the brightness level to suit your needs without flickering or humming
  • User-friendly: The easy to operate display screen and 3 button design makes this product suitable for commercial, residential and stage lighting and lets you mix up to 1 million different colors
  • Heavy Duty: The corrosion resistance and excellent heat dissipation capacity of the rugged iron casting ensures that this decoder has a long-lasting performance