LandKissing Pillow Case for Grounding(2sets)

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Package Includes:
2 LandKissing Earthing Pillow Case (No Fillers) Cotton Beige 31”x20”
2 Wrist Bands
2 Straight Cords
1 User Guide


  • PACKAGE INCLUDING–  2*Beige LandKissing Earthing Pillow Case (31″ x 20″ / 78 x 50 cm)– 2*16-foot (5.05 m) Grounding Cord  with a BUILT-IN 50K OHMS resistor considering safety — 2*Portable Blue Earthing Bracelets which Contains 10% conductive silver fiber– 1*User’s Guide
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS– The Finest Earthing Pillow Case Available! 95% Soft, Renewable Cotton, 5% PURE SILVER Grounding Grid
  • SCIENCE of HEALTHY SLEEP — Sleeping with our LandKissing Earthing Pillow Case will ground you to the earth’s essential energy so you can experience effortless health benefits and electrostatic shielding protection. Silver grid cloth fabric also helps guard against and reduce fatigue caused by exposure to your computer, pc, electronics and other sources of EMF discharge. May take up to a few weeks to notice changes as healing therapy is gradual.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS– By using our LandKissing Earthing Pillow Case people may experience positive health benefits.– Such as deeper sleep, less stress, more energy, improved circulation, reduced inflammation and faster recovery from trauma.– It can accelerate wound healing, relief of muscle headaches and muscle tension, reduced menstrual symptoms, reduced or eliminated chronic pain, and bring you back a natural feeling of wellnes
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE– Our LandKissing Pillow Case is backed by our manufacturer 30 day money back guarantee.– If LandKissing products does not work, please email [email protected] within 30 days of receiving your order to initiate the refund process.